Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whole Foods Field Trip

Last week, we took a tour of Whole Foods Market, a local heath foods grocer.  Not only was it nice to get out of the house and do something out of the ordinary for our learning time, we found the tour fun, informative, and tasty!

I must admit I don't usually shop at health food stores.  I find them visually overstimulating, crowded with inventory, and generally overwhelming.  Healthy living and eating is something that greatly interests me, though, so when our home school group offered us the invitation of a tour, I gladly signed up.

Am I ever so glad we went!  Our tour guide was fantastic - very patient with our youngsters as she offered tips, advice, and samples as we went along.  She showed us how to read the many labels and explained what the various bits of information represented.  (Who knew about something called an ANDI score to indicate a fruit or veggie's nutritional value?)

At first, the boys, especially K, were reluctant to answer questions, but about half way through the tour they began to participate and pay attention.  By the time we reached the salad buffet, T had really found his comfort zone.  When our tour guide presented the kids with a plate of salad greens, a few tomatoes, and a giant topping of dressing, she asked, "what's missing from this plate?" hoping that the group would notice the 20-30 other healthy topping choices she hadn't selected.  T blurted out, "the fork!!"  We all enjoyed a round of laughter.

At the end of the tour, each of the young participants were given an in-season Fuji apple and a reusable water bottle.  Once home, the boys and I reviewed some of the healthful facts we'd learned on the tour.  Much of it had gone over their heads, but it was a great start toward understanding nutrition and healthy habits.  I think the tour probably covered enough Health for the month!  (Photo Credit)

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